Since its inception, Arizona Fire and Burn Educators Association has remained at the leading edge of innovative and transitional training making the Public Educator a true professional. Through its various seminars, AFBEA has become a force on the national front, gaining recognition for our state and the distinctive challenges, which face the fire service today.
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The Arizona Fire and Burn Educators Association is proud to welcome you to our website.  We hope this will provide a resource for educators and families to find injury prevention materials to help make our communities safer.  Be sure to check out the calendar which highlights members’ activities, as well as training opportunities at the National Fire Academy and closer to home in the Southwest.

“Be a Force of Nature” Campaign Underscores Weather Preparedness

Most of the nation is suffering from severe weather – friends and family from midwest and back east are begging for an end to this winter.  The first week of March focuses on being prepared for when weathers strikes.  But we can talk about it all year long – even with our long days of sunshine.  Get some tips to share and learn about the campaign of “Be a Force of Nature.”

Are Your Sleep Habits Affecting Your Work and Health?

Missing sleep can do more than just make you groggy all day.  It affects how you handle decisions and can have severe adverse effects on your health.

Check out this information from MPH Online!

Sleep and Health